Custom Precision Components

JST Industry - Manufacturers custom precision components including CNC machined parts, plastic molds, plastic injection molded products, castings and forgings, and stamped and welded parts for applications in the aerospace, aviation, medical, automotive, telecommunications, electronic, construction and other industries.

JST Industry is an ISO 9001 certified company and adheres to the highest standards of quality.  All parts are inspected using advanced measuring systems such as vision, vision with contact probes, and microscopes assuring quality and consistency.

Samples are available in about 15 days with production in 30 to 45 days.

  • Plastic Mold Design and Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding to 500 Tons
  • Precision CNC Milling to 5-Axis
    • Additional Processes Include Drilling, Centerless Grinding, External Cylindrical Grinding and More
  • Precision CNC Swiss Machining
    • Compound Machining, Micro Machining with Tolerances of +/-0.005 mm
  • Stamping to 500 Tons
    • Including Processes for Shearing, Bending, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, TIG Welding
    • Zinc Plating, Satin Polishing, Mirror Polishing, Electro Polishing, Anodizing and Painting
  • Casting, Die Casting and Forging
    • Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting, Zinc Alloy Die-Castings and Forgings
    • Secondary Processes Include Heat Treatment, Sand Blasting, Anodizing, Polishing, Powder Coating and Others
  • Deep Drawn Parts
  • Assembly Services

Custom Precision Parts

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