Track Switch Heaters

Thermal-Flex Systems - A manufacturer of track switch heaters featuring flexible rail heating elements, fully enclosed lightweight crib heaters, and multi-circuit track switch heating control panels and accessories. Other product lines include overhead crane rail heating equipment and controls and industrial heat trace products.

Thermal-Flex products are designed for de-icing and snow melting in railroad and transit switch heating applications, and to provide freeze protection or viscosity maintenance for piping, valves, pumps, tanks, drain lines and similar applications.

Products and Capabilities
  • Energy Saving Electric Switch Heating Systems
  • Flexible Track Switch Heater Rail Elements
  • High Wattage Incoloy and Stainless Steel Rail Heater Elements
  • Low Profile Enclosed Ballast Heaters
  • Specialty Trackside Heating Equipment
  • Third Rail Heating Cable
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cable
  • Switch Heater Control Panels to 750 volts AC/DC
  • Thermostats and Snow Sensors
  • High Density Insulated Aluminum Channel
  • Fiberglass Insulating Containment Channel

Switch Heating Systems and Controls

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