Precious Metal Alloys

Metalor Technologies - A leading manufacturer of precious metal alloys for a wide range of high reliability applications. Metalor's gold and palladium based alloys are used extensively throughout the automotive, aerospace, medical, semiconductor and industrial markets where a high level of resistance to corrosion and friction is required.

Metalor can supply wire and strip materials and cost effective bi-metal and tri-metal precious metal alloys.

Products and Capabilities
  • Standard and Custom Alloys
  • Solid Wire and Strip Materials
  • Bi-Metallic and Tri-Metallic Strip Materials
  • High Performance/High Reliability Contact Alloys Meeting ASTM B540, ASTM B563, ASTM B541, ASTM B522 and Other Specifications
  • Plasma Welded Strip Materials
  • Precious Metal Refining

Precious Metal Contact Alloys

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